Register for VIP access to get the most out of your FloteFest experience!


Flote Fest + Anarchapulco 2021

Spend a Little, Get a Whole Lot More!

Once you arrive at FloteFest and get your camp set up, come over to the Flote info booth to get registered for VIP access! For just $25 per person per day (or $90 for all four days) you’ll get a color coded wristband that will grant you access to some pretty amazing bonuses including:

  • 10% off all FloteFest Merchandise purchased at the event
  • Priority access to our general store provisions (while supplies last)
  • Complimentary access to our VIP-only area (including front-row seating for the Anarchapulco video stream, special VIP port-a-potties and our free Flote Bar!)
  • Other unique gifts and opportunities provided by our festival sponsors to be announced

VIP registration is completely voluntary… but absolutely recommended to get the most out of your FloteFest experience. It’s our way of saying thank you for supporting the cost of putting on this event. Of course, all guests and Flote community members will have full access to dining areas, viewing of the Anarchapulco stream and the wide variety of merchants, workshops and entertainment activities provided by Flote and other guests and special vendors.

You’re all VIPs in our hearts… but hey, drop a bit of coin at FloteFest, get a little something extra and enjoy yourself, why not?

Thank You To Our Partners

Gunbru Cordycep Coffee
Agorist Nexus