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Flote Fest + Anarchapulco 2021
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Site Access

FloteFest is a private event so please do not share the location publicly or on social media. The exact location will be provided to you by email when you purchase your ticket but for the purpose of planning, here’s how you can get there from some local airports:

Need to share a ride? Use our Whova Event App to organize your own ride shares… and you don’t even have to be logged in to the app to use it! 

From Austin Bergstrom International – Gause is 78 miles northeast along Route 79, approximately 1hr 40min by car.

From Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport – Gause is 182 miles south on I35, approximately 2h 48min by car.

From Houston Hobby Airport – Gause is 138 miles northwest on Route 6, approximately 2h 23min by car.

We strongly encourage attendees to coordinate on Flote and plan carpools. We will do what we can to facilitate groups who want to travel together (and the more people you stuff into one vehicle, the lower your costs) so your best plan is to group up and plan your travel ahead of time!


Registering for FloteFest is easy… simply click the registration button on any page to go to our EventBrite form where you can see your ticket options. There is a $100 fee per vehicle which covers all of the vehicle’s occupants for the duration of the event and grants access to all public areas and content as well as use of the provided port-a-potties and all of the reverse osmosis well water you can drink.

If your camping group is split among several vehicles, there is no additional campsite charge after each vehicle has paid… you’re welcome to group up as many vehicles and tents as you like at your chosen site once you’ve arrived at the venue.

On arrival day, just show us your EventBrite ticket at the gate, we’ll count heads and you’re in. That’s all there is to it.

Attendance Options

FloteFest is meant to be enjoyed outdoors… we encourage you to bring a tent or two or five and set up your own colony anywhere on the accessible areas of the property. For those of you who prefer a bit more comfort, you can bring your RV (which counts as a single vehicle, even if it’s a teardrop or travel trailer with tow vehicle) and circle up with your other fancy friends in their RVs.

If you don’t have an RV but want one for the week, may we suggest where you can rent a wide variety of RVs and travel trailers for a very reasonable daily fee. FloteFest is not responsible for your experience, we just like their offerings so have at it and camp in style, why not?

And for those of you who want to come to the event but don’t want to stay on site, well there are a few hotel options in the local area… but not much. We recommend you reach out to the Holiday Inn Express in Hearne, TX at (979) 279-6600. It’s just 14 miles from the event site so book yourself a room if you can and drive in to the event each day. There is adjacent parking and no fee to pop in and say hi. Just check in with us at the Flote booth and let us know you’ve stopped by.

Vendors & Workshops

Everyone has something of value to offer to the community… and if you didn’t think so before, now is your chance to give it a try. FloteFest is a participatory event and we strongly encourage you to bring your best… whether it be a huge pot of chili, some groovy camp clothes, a workshop on drunk yoga or your latest mix tape… whatever it is you make or do, now’s the time to show us what you got.

FloteFest charges absolutely zero for you to be a vendor. No space fee, no percentages, nothing. So long as your goods or services are legal to buy, sell and possess within the boundaries of the Great State of Texas (and someone else is willing to give you something in exchange for them) you’re good. And we’re going to leave figuring that legal stuff out up to you… unless you force us to do otherwise. Just saying. 

So be creative and share your values. We’d love to see someone trading a hot cup of hand ground coffee for a straight razor shave… or some cool old surplus ammo cans for a new HAM radio… or a couple of bitcoins and a tent for a fancy air-conditioned toy hauler… or just a sip of whiskey for a story by the firelight. That’s what community is all about. 

Flote Podcast Lounge

New for 2022! We realized last year how many of you wanted to live stream from the event so this year we’re setting up a podcast studio space for you to do just that.

Of course you’re free to use your phone and whatever bandwidth you can catch with it but we’ll also be offering a spot in the covered area with a table, a couple of seats, a camera and some lights as well as headsets, mics and a mixer plus a copy of StreamYard all set up and ready to stream. Our tech will get you set up with your own streaming destination or you can just go live directly to the Flote channel.

Meet someone new? Manage to buttonhole a celebrity? Just want to get on the mic and say your piece? No problem. We’ve got you covered.

House Rules

In a perfect world filled with perfect people, we’d be perfectly fine not having to put anything in this section. But alas, we’re not perfect so we kind of have to say what would otherwise go without saying. So here it is:

Our gracious venue provider is just as passionate about preserving the integrity of the land and environment as we know you are so please be respectful of the property, including the plant and animal life you may encounter while at FloteFest. That means not only avoiding the farm’s livestock but also observing the “pack it in / pack it out” method of zero footprint camping. Be mindful of your garbage and waste and please don’t make the Flote volunteer team have to trip over your left-behind tent stakes while picking up your disgusting cigarette butts. Eww. Seriously.

Firearm carry is allowed on the property but discharging your weapon will end up with you having a very long stay at the Grey Bar Hotel (the county jail!) and a dashing Texas Ranger sporting your piece on his or her hip or back on their next trip across the badlands.

Open fires will be allowed in designated fire zones only, so bring a propane fire pit and covered cooking apparatus just to be sure you won’t be eating cold rice and beans.

Your neighbors may ask you to shut down your gas powered generator after twilight. Please be mindful of your surroundings and let’s enjoy the soothing sounds of nature together. Amplified music is allowed but again, please consider your neighbors and don’t force them to drown out your 130db banjo serenading with trombone solos of their own. You may also want to think about your neighbors (if that’s your thing) after dark if you intend to be adulting in your tent. While only a true Grinch would stop you from tinkling your Jing-Tinglers, maybe consider doing so quietly? Or not. Just saying.

And speaking of adult things, yes… you may absolutely bring the brewskys. FloteFest will be offering some beverage options, of course, but you’re more than welcome to supply your own bottles as well. Few things say “Hello, neighbor!” quite like sharing a taste of whiskey, especially after they’ve been enjoying your night-time serenades… and a pint bottle of rum will go a long way in a friendly barter and trade deal so have at it… just be sure to pin a map to your campsite on your shirt if you intend to tie one on.

And remember… illegal things are illegal. If you do not know what is illegal, please do yourself a favor and find out the easy way… ahead of time. If you do something illegal, the consequences of such actions will be on you. FloteFest staff and volunteers are not your mother nor will they act like the police… so you’re on your own but do yourself a favor, make your mother proud and don’t do anything to attract the attention of anyone who actually IS the police. As Wednesday Addams once said, they look just like everyone else.

Other than that, you should be good. We’re all adults here so let’s live and act in the spirit of voluntarism and the Non-Aggression Principle (if you don’t know what those are, someone in the community will surely volunteer to tell you) and make sure that whatever you do, it doesn’t harmfully impact anyone else. It’s that simple. 

Campout Guide

This is where things get fun. If you’ve never embarked on a multi-day camping trip or just need to brush up a bit before heading out into the wilds, here are a few ideas to get you started:

• Make a Checklist – The very first thing on your camping preparation checklist should be to make a checklist. Imagine yourself standing outside alone at night and picture all of all the things you’ll want and need to bring with you to make that not suck. A bit of visualization and planning will go a long way toward insuring your FloteFest experience is both comfortable and fun.

• Give Yourself Time – Not only does packing well take a bit of Tetris skill, but it also takes time. And then there’s the traveling, check-in and setup to think about once you get through the gates. Be sure to give yourself several hours of sunlight to work with after your planned arrival time as finding a campsite and pitching a tent outside in a strange place in the dark is a challenge you may not be up for after a long drive. But if you do arrive late, just ask for help.

• Bring Water – Although FloteFest will be providing well water on site for your use, you definitely want to bring some of your own and a container to carry that well water back to your campsite in. We recommend a five gallon reusable jug from Sparklettes or similar which you can get at any Home Depot. Too big and you can’t carry it, any smaller and you’ll be making multiple trips to the well head in addition to all those trips to the potties.

• Don’t Forget Food – More than one member of the community will probably bring enough food to feed a small army but unless you’ve got plenty of time, treasure or charm to trade for it, you may want to consider planning to feed yourself. Dried camp foods, canned goods and MREs are always solid choices, but why settle for beef jerky or SPAM when you can have steak?! Just be sure to provide your own refrigeration or plan to eat the perishables before they perish.

• Pack for Warmth – It can get cold outside at night. Well duh. But really… bring a hoodie and a couple of extra blankets plus a good sleeping bag and make sure you’ve got what you need to avoid waking up at dawn frozen stiff on the cold, cold ground. Someone will almost certainly be making coffee in the morning but you’ve got to get through the night on your own to earn yourself a cup.

• Lean Into the Wind – Last year we had at least one VERY gusty day which tore up banners and blew down tents. The most effective strategy for wind resistance is to take everything that might blow away down before it has a chance. The second best strategy is to strap everything down tight. Loose flags and tarps will whip and tear but tight tarps will deflect wind pretty effectively. And if you intend to be tent camping, consider setting up behind tree cover or move your vehicle around to the windy side to block the direct force of it.

• Bring a Flashlight – It can get dark at night too… especially when you’re trying to find a port-a-potty on the other side of a field full of who knows what. The Moon will be waning past 2% and the night sky will be very dark during our event which means there won’t be any ambient light to speak of, so bring a flashlight or a soft glow lantern for those middle of the night hikes. And if you’ve got one, why not bring a telescope or some binoculars too? We’re bound to get some beautiful starry nights. And if not, well that’s what the ponchos are for.

• Supply Your Own Power – Gas generators are allowed but really, who wants to listen to a two stroke motor symphony all day when there are better options? If you have a solar rig, now’s your time to put it to use. Also consider reducing your power footprint as well by leaving that hairdryer and 60″ TV at home. If you’ve got no power source and your needs are small enough, though, chances are you can barter something with a solar energy-rich neighbor for a top-up charge on your phone or tablet… save fuel and make friends at the same time!

• Poo In the Loo – FloteFest will be providing a bank of port-a-potties for general use so please don’t leave any toxic land mines for the other campers to step in. Of course, if you’ve got an RV, you can use your own facilities… or rent them out for a bit of coin as well, you greedy entre-poo-neur, you. Just plan to hold onto your grey and black water until after you leave the event. And if you want to go full Wasteland Weekend style, may we suggest you bring some plastic garbage bags and a bit of natural kitty litter for your business? Just be sure to keep the liquids and solids separate for maximum freshness… then drop those litter bombs off at the next gas station down the road.

• Medical Supplies – If you have medications that require refrigeration but don’t have your own RV or powered cooler, please bring them to the Flote staff for safe, cold storage. We promise we won’t use up all your insulin before you have a chance to come back. Medications are serious and you don’t want to be caught without when you need them most so please reach out to us if you have special medical needs or concerns too. We’ll do our best to help you keep yourself safe and happy.

• Bring Some Entertainment – Now that you’ve got all your creature comforts handled, what are you going to actually DO with yourself for three days? Well definitely plan on bringing some of your own entertainment. A deck of cards and a simple table can serve as a makeshift al fresco casino… a ukulele and a couple of spoons are the start of a genuine hootenanny… and a few aspiring thespians, some sheets and a flashlight could become an impromptu stage play. FloteFest is a participatory event so come prepared to do something fun and maybe discover a hidden talent and make a few new fans while you’re at it. And don’t forget to set out a tip jar.

• Introduce Yourself – Above all, the best way to make a camping trip fun and memorable is to meet new people… so once you get your camp set up, go check out some other camps and introduce yourself. We’d like to see people sharing their space, bartering their goods and services and telling each other their stories. That starts with you putting out a hand and saying “hello”.

• Learn Something New – And hey, while you’re at it, why not try and learn something new? Practice your rope-dart foo, work on your night vision goggle navigation skills or find the camp that brought the full-blown hydroponic farm and ask them how they built it. You can be sure that whatever the activity, if someone is doing it out in the open they’ll be glad to tell you how to get started yourself.


For any other questions or concerns
please contact us on Flote.
Otherwise, we’ll see you at the festival!

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