Flote Fest + Anarchapulco 2021

April 29 – May 3, 2022 • Gause, TX
Come join us for our second annual FloteFest, five days of fun, food and freedom in the heart of Texas.

Time to be Free

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Welcome to the 2nd Annual FloteFest

A five day / four night campout on 100+ acres of beautiful Central Texas farmland with infinite opportunities to connect with other members of the Flote community. 


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on a 100+ acre ranch
90 minutes from Austin


with like minded individuals
from all over the country

Make Money

by sharing your wares, services and
talents in a truly open market

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Something For Everyone!

At FloteFest you can do whatever flotes your boat… within reason, of course. You can camp out, prepare your own meals, get together with your mates and make new friends from other camps… then talk, sing, dance and play to your heart’s content.

And while you’re at it you can share your thoughts and experiences and explore new and interesting ideas about alternative ways of organizing your life, your beliefs and your community. And best of all, FloteFest provides you with a space where you can offer your time, effort, energy and ideas as well as your goods and services to other campers at whatever price in whatever coin you prefer… a truly free and open marketplace. 

At Flote, we care about positive action and meaningful engagement with the community. Come be a part of it with us!


Everything You Need to Know


FloteFest is a private event so registration is required… all we need is a “car name” and a headcount, though, and you’re good. Click “More Info” for the rest of the details..

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Attendance Options

We encourage you to bring your RV or camp out of your car or tent. Springtime in Texas is lovely but there are hotel options nearby if the outdoors aren’t your thing.

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Vendors & Workshops

Agorists rejoice! FloteFest encourages everyone to buy, sell or barter with each other so set your own terms and do your own thing, there is no fee to participate.

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Flote Podcast Lounge

This year we’re adding something new… want to live stream your show from the event but don’t want to bring your gear? We’ve got you covered.

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House Rules

Self ownership includes responsibility… here’s where you can read up on what’s cool, what’s out of bounds and what we have to do to keep this event safe and voluntary.

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Campout Guide

First time in the wilds for more than a few hours? Need some tips on what to bring along or how to manage your camp experience? This handy primer is a good place to start.

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FloteFest Charity Partnerships

Voluntary Virtue

FloteFest is proud to partner with Voluntary Virtue
Charitable Action for Voluntarists and the Freedom Minded

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